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Rambo Kids 20” Trailbreaker

Rambo Kids 20” Trailbreaker

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The Trailbreaker has a 250w motor that has a top speed of around 17mph. Fast enough to give the kids a thrill but slow enough to keep them under control. The Mechanical disk brakes include an activated motor cutoff for quick and easy stopping.


With front and rear disk brakes, your kids have the ability to safely stop as fast as possible or have a little fun and let the rear tire come to a skidding tail whip. Whichever they want, the dual brakes are for their safety.


Introducing an easy 1 click on and off application. We've kept it simple for kids to easily use it without the help of parents. With a quick view battery indicator even a child will know when the batteries getting low and it's time to head in for lunch and recharge!


With an integrated battery into the frame, we're able to provide a larger capacity then other Kid's ebikes at 24v 10.5aH. It's protected from crashes, falls, and the elements. With an average range of up to 15 miles, you're kids are ready for endless fun!


Just like a dirt bike, the Rambo Kid's ebikes delivers throttle-controlled power on demand. With the 20" x 1.95" tires and throttle-controlled power, the Trailbreaker is designed for years of entertainment.

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